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Rabbi Ron Speaks Series

Teaching series is perfect for an evening Service or Bible Study in any setting


Lessons from the Tabernacle

God desires that we worship Him in His House. He gave Moses the pattern of the tabernacle in heaven so he could copy it here on earth. Invite Rabbi Ron to Speak about the Wilderness Tabernacle so you can learn more about worshipping God and discover the Gospel in the “Old Testament.”

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Have You Met the Jewish Messiah?

When I came to faith in Yeshua I was told to read the Bible very day. I’m so glad I listened. Four years later when I told my parents of my faith I was sent to months of deprogramming where I was challenged to reject Yeshua. How did I withstand this attack on my faith? How can we know for sure that Yeshua is the Messiah? Invite Rabbi Ron to Speak so he can show you that Yeshua fulfills the Messianic Prophecies given in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament).

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Hebrew Names of God

At different times God revealed Himself by different names. Why did He do this? His different names reveal different characteristics about Himself. When God’s people had a need He reveled Himself to the people by the Name which would declare that He could meet their need. Invite Rabbi Ron to Speak and teach you some of the Names of God so you can understand more about God and how He can meet your needs.

Hebrew Lessons

Would you like to read the Bible in Hebrew? Would you like to learn to read and write Hebrew? Rabbi Ron made videos so you can learn to read Hebrew at your own pace. After you complete a lesson, you can have a video call with Rabbi Ron so he can check your work and answer your questions. Invite Rabbi Ron to be your Hebrew Teacher and Coach.

Invite Rabbi Ron to Speak Today!
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