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Pit to the Palace (Purim - March)

Esther and Mordecai were exiled in the land of Babylon. In time God raised Esther up to become the Queen of the powerful Persian Empire. God took Joseph out of the pit and brought him to the Palace (2nd only to the King). Yeshua rose from the pit (grave) since He is the King of Kings. God will also take you out of your pit and bring you to the “Palace;” you will ultimately you co-reign with Yeshua.


Luck or Lord? (Purim - March)

Haman cast lots to pick a date to exterminate the Jewish people. This date was 12 months later. Two months later a series of events occurred within 3 days which brought about Haman’s hanging instead of the destruction of the Jewish people. The timing of all this was amazing. Was it simply coincidence, chance, luck, or was it the Lord?

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Resist Assimilation (Chanukah - December)

A Great Miracle Happened HERE (Chanukah - December)

: Many years ago King Antiochus ordered people to forsake their faith and culture and assimilate into his. The Maccabees resisted the King because they were unwilling to reject God and His Word. The spirit of King Antiochus is alive and well today. We must resist the call to assimilate and cling to God and His ways. Invite Rabbi Ron to Speak and encourage people that resistance is not futile!


During Chanukah we celebrate the miracle of oil when one day’s worth of oil lasted for eight days. We too have needs that are impossible to meet, but all things are still possible for those who believe. Invite Rabbi Ron to Speak and encourage people to seek God for their miracle.


Jerusalem: The Eternal Capital of the Jewish People

World leaders debate the status of Jerusalem. But should Jerusalem’s fate be determined by politicians? Isn’t God the King of all the earth? God speaks very clearly about Jerusalem in the Bible. Invite Rabbi Ron to Speak about Jerusalem.


Burn Your Boats

When God called Elisha to replace Elijah, Elisha burned his farming equipment so he couldn’t go back to farming if God failed him or things got too hard. Are you holding on to something in case God fails you? Invite Rabbi Ron to Speak and challenge people to burn their boats so they can’t run away from God.

I Am My Brother's Keeper

Six million Jews died during the Holocaust along with six million other people. Why did so few people resist Hitler and the Nazis? Doesn’t God expect us to be our Brother’s Keeper and a Good Samaritan? Invite Rabbi Ron to Speak so the next time we see injustice we won’t remain silent, but we’ll speak up for those who can’t speak or fight for themselves.

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Learn how to Paga or Pray

The Hebrew word paga which is translated as prayer can also be translated in different ways. Invite Rabbi Ron to Speak about prayer and reveal insights into the Hebrew word paga so you can learn more about how to pray.


Dedicate Your Temple (Chanukah - December)

During Chanukah, we celebrate the rededication of the Jerusalem Temple. Paul tells us that we’re now the temple of God’s Spirit so Chanukah is a great time to rededicate our temples. Invite Rabbi Ron to Speak and share a few practical ways to dedicate your temple to God.

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Beer or Jesus? (Ron's Testimony)

When Ron was in 11th Grade, he attended a party on Christmas Eve. After drinking beer for several hours, the party ended and everyone went to Midnight Mass. With nothing else to do, Ron followed the crowd to church. During the service he could not shake off the unspeakable joy he felt. Was it the beer or Jesus?


Holy Harlot

God tells us, “Be holy as I am holy.” In the Bible we meet a holy harlot, and holy spoons, shovels and clothing. Invite Rabbi Ron to Speak about the Hebrew word Kodesh which is translated holy so people can holy as God is holy.

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