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Fall Feasts

The Spring Feasts pointed us to what Yeshua did during His first coming.

The Fall Feasts point to what He’ll do when He returns. It’s time to get ready!


Ready or Not (Rosh Hashanah/Day of Trumpets)

The shofar blasts calls people to turn around and get closer to Yeshua. In the End Times Yeshua will return with the shofar blast. He will return at a day and hour no one knows so invite Rabbi Ron to call people to be ready for the final shofar blast announcing Yeshua’s return for those who belong to Him


Messiah: Our Scapegoat (Yom Kippur)

On Yom Kippur, all of Israel met at the Jerusalem Temple to receive atonement for their sins but there was always much more to the story for the atonement of all mankind. Yeshua is our scapegoat who takes our sins upon Himself. Invite Rabbi Ron to share the Good News from the book of Leviticus


Enter the Gates (Ne'ilah)

During Yom Kippur Jewish people pray that the gates of heaven will remain open so they can enter in. What does God say about the Gates of Heaven? How can we enter the Gates Of Heaven? Invite Rabbi Ron to Speak about the Gates of Heaven.

Protect, Provide & Passing Through (Sukkot/Feast of Tabernacles)

The 3 P’s of Sukkot remind us that when Israel lived in the wilderness for 40 years, God protected them and provided for their needs. While living in sukkot (temporary dwellings) they were also reminded that just as they were passing through the wilderness (it was not their permanent home), we’re just passing through earth (it’s not our permanent home either). The same is true for us.

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